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How to Choose the Right Steel French Doors

Steel French doors are universally praised for their timeless appeal and durability. That said, not all French doors are exactly alike. If you want to know how to choose French doors that are suited to your home, you’ll need to consider the important features listed below.

Frame Design

There are three major frame designs. Knowing their differences will help you make the best choice for your budget and preferred aesthetic. 

  • Stepped Frame: Shows no overlap, is easy to install, and is the most affordable option. The stepped design helps make the entranceway more resistant to harsh weather.
  • Slimline Frame: Your doors glide smoothly along a track. This style is attractive but often expensive to install. Slimline frame doors also tend to be more restricted in how wide they can open.
  • Flush Frame: Gives the appearance of a totally smooth door with zero overlap. It’s simple but sophisticated, though pricier to install than a stepped frame.

Color and Accessories

One of the great things about steel French doors is that they come in various colors and finishes. With the right iron door provider, you should be able to find the ideal color to complement your home’s aesthetic. If you’d like to further elevate the doors with accessories, you can browse different handles and quality hinges and deadbolts. 

Glass and Thermal Performance

When it comes to energy-efficient doors, steel French doors are among the best of the best. Their insulation will keep your home warm during the cold months and cool during the hot months. If you want to save on your energy bills and keep your home’s temperature comfortable year-round, look for steel doors with double glass and excellent overall insulation. 

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