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How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Steel French Doors in Frisco, TX

The glass in your French doors should serve more than just an aesthetic purpose. The quality of the glass is just as important as the rest of its build. Not sure how to choose the right glass for French doors? There are several great options to choose from. So long as you’re conscious of the following three qualities when browsing for doors, you really can’t go wrong. Here’s how to choose the right glass for your steel French doors in Frisco, Texas!


Security should be a key consideration when you’re shopping for a new door. Some people assume that all glass is easily breakable, but this isn’t the case. Tempered glass, for example, is much harder to shatter than ordinary glass (annealed glass). In fact, it’s four times stronger than standard glass, making it a popular choice for doors, vehicles, patio furniture, ovens, and more. 

If you want security glass for a front door, tempered is the way to go. Its strength makes your home less susceptible to burglars and less likely to be damaged during harsh weather conditions. Another benefit of tempered glass is that when it does break, it breaks into small, mostly harmless pieces. This is quite different than standard glass, which typically shatters into shards. 


Do you care if people can easily see through the glass of your French doors? If this idea makes you uncomfortable, you may want a door that uses Flemish glass, Aquatex, or something similar. 

Flemish glass gives the appearance of traditional handblown glass, without the bubbles or price tag. Aquatex glass features a slight ripple pattern. Both designs allow light to pass through, but the view is distorted. You won’t have a clear view of the outdoors, but you’ll have much more privacy. 


When selecting glass for your steel French doors, you want something that will let in lots of natural light. There are so many benefits to natural light. Natural light can improve your mood, your quality of sleep, and even the value of your home. 

As stated above, some types of glass offer privacy while still letting in lots of natural light. If you want to let in the greatest amount of light possible, however, you may want to consider clear glass. Clear glass doesn’t offer the same degree of privacy as other types of glass, but it’s a great choice if you want to enjoy lots of natural light and a clear view of your backyard or neighborhood.

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