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Eyebrow Top or Round Top Arch: Which Is Best for Your Front Door?

An arched iron door is a design classic, making a fantastic statement at your property. But should you opt for an eyebrow top or round top arch to complete the look?


What Is an Eyebrow Top Door?

An eyebrow top is a specific kind of arched door with a timeless aesthetic, first popularized in the United States in the 19th Century by Henry Hobson Richardson. This style of door takes its name from the signature look it creates once it is installed — in the arch above each glass panel, you will find a segment in a shape similar to that of an eyebrow. Figuratively speaking, the glass panel is the eye and the arch segment is the brow.

This means that the arch at the top of the door is split into different segments — something that gives this style of door its other name: a segmented arch door. It is this segmenting that represents the main difference between eyebrow and round top arched iron doors.


What Is a Round Top Arched Door?

While an eyebrow top door has a segmented arch that is divided into several distinct portions, a round top arched door features a smooth curve that extends from one doorpost, up through the apex of the curve, and down to the other doorpost.

There is no break in this arch — it is simply a single curved line extending from point to point. This is why the arch is sometimes given another name: the half-circle arch.


How to Decide Between an Eyebrow Top Door and a Round Top Door

  • Personal Preference

Perhaps the most important aspect to bear in mind when choosing between an eyebrow top door and a round top door is your personal aesthetic preference. Your individual sense of style and interior design is always on your mind when choosing a door, and this may lead you to choose one style over another. Perhaps you prefer the softer curve of a segmented arch door, or maybe you are more taken by the uniform arch of a round top model.

  • Decor Theme

Both the eyebrow arch and the half-circle are versatile design features and can be incorporated into a wide range of different decor themes and styles. However, you may feel that your decor is particularly suited to a specific type of door — for instance, if you already have eyebrow arches on your windows, you may want to reflect this with your front door.

  • Window Glass or Features

An eyebrow top door might be better suited to accentuate the details and features of glass window panels or features. This is because of the separate segments in the door’s arch.

  • Available Space Above the Door

In most cases, you will have ample room above the door to complete the arch. However, if you are working with limited space, you may decide to opt for a segmented arch. Segmented arches do not need the uniform curve angle features on a round top door, and you will be able to choose a softer curve to reduce the overall height of the arch.


Find Round Top and Eyebrow Arch Doors in the Bighorn Iron Door Range

We stock all kinds of iron doors, including eyebrow and round top arch doors according to your taste. Take a look at our product pages and find what you need.

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