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Door Pull Handles – Styles Up Your Door!

If you want to make your home only exquisite from beginning to end, then it very well might be an ideal opportunity to re-evaluate the manner in which you’re dealing with a few subtleties. The little detailing such as your door pull handles can cause a great difference. They seem like such a slight change to any room; however, the Bighorn door company’s door pull handles provide a perfect detail to any room you’re hoping to remodel or renovate.

For those who are intrigued by a rich, present-day look, door pull handles are difficult to beat when it comes to styling and designing. The best part is, we have a wide range of shapes and sizes of door pull handles to browse, so you’re continually getting the flawless look, and every one of them can be matched with your security door locks, so you never need to forfeit the wellbeing for the sake of style. 

door pull handles

pull door handles

Types of door pull handles  

Let’s explore the different types of door pull handles available in the market.

Pull Handles Mounted on a Rose 

In the event that you’re searching for a door pull handle that will give your house a modern look, you should seriously mull over a door pull handle mounted on a rose for your home. A style that has been normal on the two knobs and switch handles for quite a long time; the rose mounting is little, generally roundabout or square, and totally covers the entirety of the equipment to give you an elegant and sleek appearance.


When you pick this style for a door pull handle, the two finishes of the handle will be appended to a rose mount, which thusly connects to the door while keeping screws and fasteners imperceptible to those utilizing the doorway. Door pull handles mounted on a rose are at home on both inside and outside doors. These handles give doors all things that are needed; class, style, and functionality, making it the go-to for everyone who is looking for exquisite and modernized door pull handles for their home. 

door pull handles

door pull handles

Trendy look

With such a great amount to offer, it’s no big surprise these types of door pull handles have shown up on the world’s most perceived home-styling sites as an unquestionable requirement that provides the best exterior designs. In the event that you need to keep your home per present-day patterns, then point rose mount door pull handles are positively the best approach. 

Pull Handles Mounted on a Plate 

On the off chance that you’ve looked at door pull handles previously, you’ve undoubtedly seen styles that come with a backplate. These styles present your preferred door pull handle mounted onto a level plate, which fills in as such scenery for the pull bar itself. 

door pull handles

door pull handles


The plate is bolted into the door, giving a safe association with the joined handle. These plates are regularly covered with a similar completion as the door pull handle and, in cases like iron doors, the actual door to make a free look that is precisely great and agreeable. Besides, these included plates are phenomenal for introducing a keypad house lock and deadbolt, making this a profoundly secure choice just as a trendy one. 

Traditional look

Door pull Handles with plates have a more traditional look than other door pull handle designs, making them brilliant for the mortgage holder who needs to add an intriguing touch to their doors without going present day. Moreover, these door pull handles are sufficiently strong to be utilized on both outer and interior doors, permitting you to appreciate the perfect little detail all through your home. 

door pull handles

door pull handles

Back to back mounted door pull handles 

The third type of door pull handle is the consecutive or back-to-back door pull handle.  With both rose mounting and plate mounting, the handle is as yet dashed into the door. But in the case of back-to-back mounted pull door handles, the mechanism is a bit different.


Nonetheless, with consecutive mounts, an inside door pull handle and an outside handle are darted into each other through the door. A thick stringing screw runs from the mounting point of one door pull handle straight into the mounting point of the other, making a tight, secure association between the two pull bars. 

door pull handles

door pull handles

Current and moderate look

These pull door handles are regularly utilized on front and entry doors basically on the grounds that they’re solid, clear, and shroud the entirety of the equipment easily. Besides, because it uses no support like plates or roses, the appearance is pretty much as smoothed out as could really be expected and gives a definitive current, moderate allure. 


At bighorn iron door company, we have a variety of door pull handles for your perfect doors. Our stainless steel door pull handles are manufactured in unique yet trendy designs. Bighorn’s door pull handles are known for their stylish looks, durability, and functionality, so if you want to make your door pull handles to stand out from other ordinary door handles, you should definitely check out bighorn’s door pull handles.  

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