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Connect Your Home to the Beautiful Texas Outdoors with Steel French Doors

Most of our time these days is spent indoors, away from nature and the sunlight the outdoors provide. This is a shame, as being connected to the world around us provides us with many benefits. Even if you are taking the time to get outside every day, having the time you spend inside be closer to nature can also help. One great way to do that is to have your exterior doors as steel French doors so you can constantly have giant windows to the outside. 

If you’re not entirely convinced, let’s explore our connection to nature and how even just the right door can genuinely make a difference.

Biophilia: Our Desire to Connect to Nature

The notion that people have an inherent desire to be around nature and plants has been termed biophilia. According to many studies, biophilia is a thing, and whether or not we’re around plants regularly does affect us.

We don’t actually need to interact with nature to thrive from our biophilia, as seeing nature is good enough for us to be positively affected by it. It’s also possible to benefit from a wide variety of nature, such as plants, green space, and water views. So, if you’re living in a city like Rockport, you get the advantages of both green space and ocean views.

The Many Benefits of Nature

You may be skeptical about how much your life will improve from looking at plants and water, but there are many studies showing how impactful it is. Consider all you could gain:

Increased Happiness

Amazingly, having a closer connection to nature has been shown to make people happier and feel their well-being has improved overall. Not only that, but you’re more likely to have positive social interactions and engagement with others. Some people found that it helped them find a sense of meaning and purpose in life. Essentially, something as simple as seeing outside through some steel French doors could make you happier.

Improved Mental Health

One of the most significant reasons to include more nature in your life is its effect on mental health. It’s known to improve sleep and reduce stress, which are huge factors for our health. Being able to sleep better and being less stressed means we’re less likely to develop mental illnesses, especially anxiety and depression. Seeing the world around you means being healthier and reducing the risks of mental illness.

Improved Cognitive Functioning

Finally, this connection can improve the way our brains work. Being closer to nature has been shown to boost memory and attention, impulse control, as well as creativity. If you work from home, having steel French doors as exterior doors in your office could help enhance your performance and mood while you’re working!

Reap the Benefits of Nature with a Steel French Door from Bighorn Iron Doors

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Make your home more open to the outdoors with steel French doors from Bighorn Iron Doors. We create steel French doors of all sizes that are guaranteed to be a great fit for any home! Contact us to learn more about our products and how you can order one today.

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