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Choosing the Right Wrought Iron Door Color to Complement Your Texas Home

Doorways are constant focal points of the home. Your front entryway is the first thing people see and what they may base their first impression on. Inside your home, doors don’t need to be solely functional. The right door can be used to elevate the aesthetic of your home’s interior, creating a more pleasing atmosphere and wowing guests. The colors you choose for your doors can really make or break these impressions. Use this guide to choose the right color for your wrought iron doors to make your home even more stunning.


Keep Style in Mind

The first step to picking out the best door color is understanding the style you’re working with. Different styles generally have different color palettes that work best with that style. For example, contemporary and craftsman-style homes, both popular home styles in Austin and Dallas, use wildly different colors in their design. Contemporary-style houses tend to use a neutral color palette with a bold color for accent. It wouldn’t be uncommon to see a black door against beige or off-white walls. On the other hand, craftsman-style homes use a natural color palette for the entire house and are far more likely to have a brown door. Of course, you don’t have to follow style guides, but they can help you make a choice that will fit your home well.


Choosing an Exterior Door Color

As your entryway is likely the first thing your visitors will see, having a bold or bright color that stands out from your exterior walls is a beautiful idea. Even better if you can have that color for your windows and shutters as well. This will really make your home stand out. If you don’t want all your exterior doors to have such a stand-out color, you can have your other doors match closely with your wall or other exterior design elements, and all the focus will go to your front entryway.


Choosing an Interior Door Color

Inside our homes, it’s quite common to see doors that are similar in color to the walls around them. However, this can lead to them blending right into the wall and looking bland. Instead, having a contrasting color for your door would let them stand out and be part of the decor. Just be careful not to choose a color that’s too bright or too dark. Very bright colors would just be distracting. On the other hand, really dark colors can make your home seem less light and welcoming, especially in smaller rooms.


You Can Paint Your Wrought Iron Door

Although it may seem like you’re stuck with a metallic color for your wrought iron door, that’s not true at all. Painting a wrought iron door is actually pretty simple. If you prefer a painted exterior door, just make sure you pick up paint and primer explicitly made for metal. You can also follow our instructions on how to paint your door.


Customize Your Wrought Iron Door Color at Bighorn Iron Doors

When you custom order your wrought iron door from Bighorn Iron Doors, you can choose what color you want your door right away, so you don’t have to worry about painting it! Contact our helpful team to learn more about wrought iron doors and how you can order one for your home.

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