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Choose the Right door handle for your doors!

An elegant and chic door handle adds to the element of a modern-looking door in your sweet home or your office too. Door pull handles play a critical part in the entire door outfit. Regardless of whether it is a pristine work environment or a redevelopment of a current property, everybody needs the option to pick the best door handles that suit their doors. 

Bighorn’s  Doors Handles

Tastefulness supplemented with strength settles on Bighorn’s door handles. It is the best option for numerous planners and inside originators. We additionally center around the detail and the mechanical components of door pull handles and related ironmongery. We assist you by guaranteeing that your door is taken care of regarding security without settling on a style.

Door handles
door handles

Things To Consider While Selecting Your Door Handles

Style of the door handles

Choose your door pull handles style in the similar way that you would move toward choosing some other interiors decors. Consider what your general theme is in the home you are picking the door handles for. Here are some key details that you need to keep in mind while choosing the door handles that fit your house’s theme.

door handles
door handles

Consider the design of the room

At that point, consider the plan of the room for which the door handle will be utilized for. If you have adopted a traditional plan strategy all through your home, picking non-traditional imaginative rakish handles is probably not going to work tastefully. In the event that you’re focused on new bends, a straight chrome door handle may not go about as unique; it might simply look strange. 

Consider the design of your door

Choosing the right door handle for your home also depends on the kind of door you have used.  Assuming you’ve adopted french sliding doors or patio doors, you should go with sliding glass door handles.  If you have opted for traditional-looking doors, then the best handles to go with such  doors will be the door pull handles. The type of doors decides the kind of door handles you need. 

door handles
door handles

Exterior door handles 

The choice of door handles also varies when the position of the door varies. If you want the door handles for your front door or other exterior doors, then you will have to choose from several exterior door handles. The exterior door handles are usually made up of solid material with excellent security locks. Exterior door handles have coarse, crude, yet elegant design, as they not only need to be beautiful but also have to be secure and durable.

Interior door handles

In the case of interior door handles, you can go with any style of door pull handle, doorknobs, or door lever handles. Some people have diverse door designs on various floors of homes, some incline toward a similar door plan all through, and a couple appreciates being totally individual. They will have a scope of door designs all through their property. When you consider your door handles for interior doors, you need to consider your door choices and your personal preferences. If you want to have similar door handles on similar doors, you can do so, or you can also have different door handles on similar door types and vice versa. It all depends upon your door’s design and your preference. 

door handles
door handles

The Functions Of Door Handles

There are four functions of a door handle: 

  • Passage set (non – locking) 
  • Entry set (has a key and utilized for the front entryway) 
  • Privacy (locking capacity) 
  • Dummy set (a fixed handle without a hook utilized for pantries)

You can choose the sort of door handles you need by deciding their function in the house. For instance, you will need a non-locking passage knob or lever handles in the case of the lobby and storeroom entryways. You may think about privacy for rooms and restrooms, so locking knob or lever handles will be the right choice. For animating door pulls, buy a non-turning dummy knob or lever, and for outside or higher security needs, a keyed door knob or lever door handle. It assists in taking into account the doors’ function to buy the correct door handles for your home. 

door handles


A door handle, without a doubt, is a minor thing that comes to mind while renovating the house. Despite being the little detail, choosing a perfect door handle for your perfect doors is an art. We have tried to help you master the art of selecting the ideal Door handle by giving you the things to consider before choosing the door pull handle for your dream house’s doors. You can purchase your Ideal door handle from the Bighorn iron door company, as we have all sorts of door handles at our disposal. We can assist you with all types of door handles, be it be door pull handles, sliding glass door handles, or exterior door handles


Good luck with the art of choosing the perfect door handles!

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